I, MY RUINATION – casting update, Paul Giamatti added

Truly thrilled to be working with Paul Giamatti and Corey Stoll in a few weeks on my new play I, MY RUINATION at the Cape Cod Theatre Project, directed by Hal Brooks. A week of rehearsals followed by a couple readings on the brave new world of Zoom.

The two readings are July 23 and 25.

Press release HERE.

The play: The air in Hollywood is swirling with rumor when, in January of 1952, director Elia Kazan appears before the House Un-American Activities Committee for the first time. In defiance, he refuses to name his former Communist friends and denounces any attempt to blacklist them. Three months later, summoned back again before the committee, he is visited by his old friend, Arthur Miller. Kazan must decide between confronting his accusers or betraying his ideas.  Told through shifting points of view, we enter the hearts and minds of Kazan,  Miller, and a brilliant, morally complicated Molly Day Kazan as they wage a war of ideas that will shape and define the rest of their lives.